Thursday, October 8, 2015

The President publicly opposed legalize gay and bisexual behavior

According to the French television news France 24 October 7, Tunisia "criminal law" the 230th regulation will homosexuality as a crime. Tunisian citizens more and more public opposition to the terms and conditions, while the Tunisian President beji caid sebsi are firmly opposed to the abolition of the terms and conditions.

According to the report, in Tunisia, to defend the rights of gay people and bisexual people struggle is far from over. On October 5, Tunisian President beji caid sebsi said in Egypt a TV show is firmly opposed to same-sex behavior legally. In reference to the abolition of the Tunisian related questions of "criminal law" the 230th, beji caid sebsi criminal law says this will not be abolished. It is reported, which criminal law provisions homosexuality was sentenced to three years in prison.

For gay people, bisexual people and transgender people, defender of the rights and human rights activists is undoubtedly a blow, they think this clause against Tunisia constitution and international law, has been trying to abolish it. Human rights watch (HRW), head of the Tunisian Amna Guellali explained that the Tunisian constitution safeguard privacy, everyone is equal before the law and regulation, and the "criminal law" the 230th regulation does not comply with this principle.

According to the report, Tunisia's justice minister Mohamed Salah Ben Aissa had on constitutional grounds called for the abolition of the "criminal law" the 230th regulation. On September 28, Aissa said, has passed the new constitution does not allow infringement of personal freedom, privacy and personal choice, and even involved in sexual selection, whether gay people or bisexual men and women. Beji caid sebsi, however, do not hesitate to deny this claim, he stressed that the justice minister on behalf of individuals, only the request does not represent the whole country.