Thursday, October 8, 2015

The sexy global brand and bisexual relationship

Always in the tide of the world's top clothing brands in the fashion first when force, pictures depicted sexy stop posters to attract the reader, in the process will also be a profound "sexy" brand into the body and mind forever. In this stunning cultural subversion s, whether men or women, their aesthetic and the impact of the accept ability is different, they pursued by body and manners are more or less and sexy this term in the same column number, each age has every age and aesthetic standards.

Today, the era of men increasingly tend to be a new man, this is a male, can take any personal they can define what they should to say to myself, to do or to think, not just stay in according to the standard of traditional and popular man said should to do. They are more concerned about their, in both external overall modelling, or related to the life. And each big brand for men of this kind of change, also to take corresponding measures to cater to the popular era "after", if you really meet the constantly changing inner and outer to grasp the pulse of this era development, and CK is a sexy brand of success. And after that, whether dolce &gabbana, Metrosexual, DIESEL, or, YSL global premium brands such as corresponding launch of sexy fashion, all reveal the sexy era, the public's aesthetic demand orientation.

Filed a CK, as mentioned in a minimalist, sexy constantly make public body sexy celebrity, but we can't deny CK advertisement is the pioneer of western erotic ads. Rush perfume advertising in 1985, this season's ads are divided into television and plane two forms, in the television AD, CK, first introduced the concept of bisexual people, advertising will be adopted for column style signing of CK model Jose Borain with boy and an old man in same age with vice scenario, the rush was very great. In print ads from the same period, the taste of sexy directly and bold, picture is three men and Jose Borain became entangled in each other's body, suggestive. And rush of CK perfume sales this quarter reached $40 million, time magazine will also klein dubbed "the undisputed American erotic advertising pioneer".

Is now a different era, Metrosexual gens may prefer to indulge themselves, in the eyes of others, they like gay people's existence, but in fact they are likely to be gay people and straight people, even more bisexual people. Media disputes in this problem many years later, Metrosexual as a city to produce goods, constantly promote one's own personality, for their part, sexy and around like general is one of the necessities of life, no matter the word is embodied in the fashion or daily happenings, this is the attitude of the Metrosexual, and in their progress blindly spice of life.