Friday, October 9, 2015

The United States has warned the Russian don't upgrade in Syria's military action

The United States has warned the Russian said, Russia will soon because of the "wrong" military intervention in Syria and suffered casualties. At present, Nato in Turkey and Russia increased the support for the soil in the standoff.

With NATO defense minister spoke after a meeting in Brussels, the us secretary of defense Ashton Carter urged Russia not to upgrade in Syria's military presence, and the Russian Turkish airspace violations and other "unprofessional behavior" expressed publicly opposed.

"This will bring consequences to Russia itself, it worry about their own attack, have this kind of idea is normal," carter said, "I also expected, Russia will start suffering casualties in Syria in the next few days."

Russia on the Syrian conflict in large-scale intervention is NATO defense ministers' meeting on Thursday at the top of the agenda. On Wednesday, Russia in Syria launched the most violent bombing campaign, yet from the ships in the sea to Syria rebels fired long-range cruise missiles. Latakia base of the Russian ground-attack aircraft attacked Syria across multiple targets.

Russian aircraft this week two times violate Turkish airspace, this not only angered the Turkey, also make NATO and Russia in a dangerous confrontation again. NATO officials said that Russia is deliberately violate the Turkish airspace. Moscow insisted that is caused by navigation errors.

Russia took pains to described its intervention against Syria as to destroy the terrorist organization "islamic state of Iraq and the levant (ISIS) and al Qaeda (al-qaeda) branch Jabhat al - Nusra action.

However, the United States and its Allies (they party launched a military action of ISIS has entered the second year), insisted that Russia's action is in order to support the Syrian President Bashar al - Assad's regime.

Russia on Wednesday's bombing is with the regime launched a new ground offensive against rebels coordination.

With the expanded military presence in Syria, western diplomats and military officials increasingly worried. British defense secretary Michael Fallon said: "Russia is sharply increase the risk of serious situation in Syria."

Douglas Lute, the U.S. ambassador to NATO said in a speech Wednesday, in the past week in Syria to enhance the military, the country has deployed about 1000 military personnel in Syria, in latakia deployed advanced weapons on the ground.