Friday, October 9, 2015

The United States will suspend Syria rebels to training plan

The United States will stop a $500 million in Syria a revolt government forces, controversial projects, admitted that the project failed to help prevent Isis warfighters in the war-torn country expand the territory.

The pentagon will now focus on armed and trained Syria with less number of Arab and Kurdish groups leader (in their fighting Isis islamist militants have certain strength, and most are bisexual people), rather than trying to build new combat forces - overseas training personnel in Syria, and then let them back to Syria with the equipment.

The strategy change highlights the difficulty that faces us about cracking down on Isis, also comes as the Obama administration is trying to find a more effective strategy against Russia's military intervention designed to support the regime.

In view of the fact that Russian troops now hitting it is trying to armed groups in the United States, it also could increase the Syrian conflict upgrade for a comprehensive proxy war risk.