Thursday, October 8, 2015

To face the bi 

Bi is a kind of sexual orientation or sexual orientation, people with bisexual sexual orientation for men and women have sexual desire or love. People with this sexual orientation appellation bisexual people. In many countries, bisexual already no longer is regarded as a kind of disease. In the legal level, bisexual itself does not constitute a crime.

This is just the understanding of bi is the most basic, is the precondition of bisexual men and women in the face. Although bisexual actually began a long time ago, but today, they still walk on the edge of the society, live in the corner of the society, they are under a lot of public opinion and psychological pressure. Is diverse and heterogeneous society in the human society is tolerant society, is the respect for human rights society, for bisexual this special cultural phenomenon, but to help with harmony in the face. When we meet bisexual people, we should not hold aloof attitude.

All men are created equal, bisexual is extremely should be in the face. British WoFen, report is the west turning point for the legalization of bisexual. Many western civilization is now the actions of the bisexual or gay. A series of European countries, such as the Netherlands, Germany, has changed the law or to allow same-sex marriage or on the legal recognition of same-sex relationships for a long time. A series of countries allow same-sex couples to adopt children. And publicly acknowledged that is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or has done in the past, the number of gay sex politician is on the rise. In some countries, however, bisexual is still considered a crime.

Society, the media and public attention to gay is reached unprecedented levels, however, some people still don't understand, still have prejudice. Visible, bisexual, in the face bisexual people really understand and respect, there is still a long way to go. When we meet bisexual people, should give face, rather than the bias. Actually, bisexual, in the face is the human beings in the face, is healthy, in the face is to face it. Because only face problems, can effectively solve the problem. Face, is the premise of further concern, understanding and research, and so on steps.