Sunday, October 11, 2015

Two features of the Ipad

When people more about anywhere at any time in the office of the state in times of need, will take the place of the notebook computer has become the mainstream of the industry, and when people are more need at any time to enjoy the high quality entertainment experience, more easily sent boring time, palm computer performance is in constant improvement. The emergence of both the functional and entertaining two characteristics. Why can the by multi-angle product positioning away most of the market share? Present iapd really can become a staple of office gens, office and entertainment applications, at the same time undertake actually hot market reaction has answered the question very well.

Market is the need to constantly subdivision of, in fact, because different users have different requirements to products and services, the market itself has been going through the process of segmentation, and how to attract more users, this is apple manufacturers have been thinking of problem. As you can imagine, satisfy office anytime and anywhere, workers toil hard at work, want to be able to indulge to entertainment after work atmosphere, unwilling to something to think about the company, or on the way to work with the entertainment to pass the boring time. The mainstream of the product, if there is need to some of the applications of intelligent, that ratio is relatively small, such as can go online to see news to send and receive mail, read documents, on some bisexual dating sites, meet bisexual people and so on. For recreational purposes, with intelligent entertainment, such implementation looked though is inferior to the traditional digital products as a "professional", but it is the most effective way.

Apple's success brings us a lot of inspiration, manufacturing requires constant innovation, the need of business model innovation, management innovation, marketing innovation. In fact, the most important is the innovation of the consumer spending habits. While apple is just meet the function, excavate potential consumer demand, research and development of new products, changing consumer habits, leading the consumer innovation!