Sunday, November 15, 2015

Bisexual husband bask in the sun and the many people sexual intercourse

Husband fucks not carry his saddest thing, he was carrying his own at the same time with men, women fucks, which in the end this sad, angry, or go directly to kick his legs do? According to media reports, 47-year-old from Sheffield Suzie Lewis, there was a smaller than their 17-year-old husband, her husband Antonio a chance to work, the computer found nude photos of her husband, which opened a so that we can not accept the fact.
At first, Suzie says confrontation with her husband, Antonio said he once these photos posted bisexual dating sites for men to watch. Suzie represents Antonio because it was claimed that he is not gay and he does not fool around on the outside, so it let the matter rest. But after a few months, when Suzie see the photos of her husband having sex with other men cell phone when time, Suzie the people are paralyzed out.
When Suzie again questioned Antonio, Antonio admits he Suzie while carrying with men, women fucks. Suzie representation, Antonio is in her home when traveling at home with people online Aventure, Suzie said it can not accept their husbands even with so many strangers intercourse. Their marriage also will be broken, that time they were married only a year. Suzie said he was very sad, very disappointed, then packed and left the house once lived together. Antonio said that since Suzie left, he never did "those things." But their marriage has broken down, has been late to admit of no avail.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Muhammad admit the truth: I'm bisexual and voluntary beat AV

According to the reportAmerican former boxer Ye Safu - Mike has been a very fire, because they were found to sea, and two men came in a 3P war. Later, the actor argued that he did not remember this experience, after being drugged committed. Yesterday, Mike could not stand the pressure finally stand up and make a statement, he said the shooting porn is carried out in conscious, but he is a bisexual people. Mike is now the father of 10 children.

35-year-old Mike quit boxing last year, and they have 10 children, and has been engaged companion. But under the pressure of life after retirement, let him have appeared in porn movie male lead idea. But the movie is uploaded to a gay porn movie site, explained Mike went to film the scene, the field staff to give him a pill and vodka, he swallowed it amnesia, until after waking found himself on the train, there is $ 4,500 in your pocket . Many friends have said that Michael's seen wonderful performances, but he quickly denied that, claiming that he did not remember having filmed.The development of events beyond the Mike expectations, due to the film producers sued warning, so he had to stand up and make a statement. First, he denied the relationship between the occurrence of two other men in the film are drugged, while disclosing their bisexual identity. About the film, he said he is voluntarily participating, shooting is not, in anesthetized circumstances."This is my heartfelt public apology. First, I shot after being anesthetized adult movies, is not true. I have never reported a negative impact on the company, though the film had been drugged link settings, but only fiction movie, and I am fully conscious at the same time, which further demonstrates the status of my life. I did participate in the adult film shoot, because then I need the money, but also because I am a bisexual man. ""Finally, I want to explain the reason to lie, because once it is revealed, I attended a gay film shoot, life will be destroyed. I tried to cover up the truth and continue to deny, rather than accept the fact that I was bisexual people of secret. "Meanwhile, Mike revealed that he is writing a book on gay porn scandal.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Asia's largest gay pride parade was held in Taiwan

 Asia's largest gay pride parade was held in Taiwan

Taipei (AFP) - Tens of thousands marched in Taiwan’s capital Saturday in Asia’s biggest gay pride parade, with many hoping presidential elections next year bring to power a pro-gay government that will legalise same-sex marriage.

About 78,000 people took part in the 13th Taiwan LGBT Pride event, with supporters waving rainbow flags and handmade placards calling for marriage equality as they circled downtown Taipei.

You can meet bisexual there. Some donned costumes including a group of men dressed up as characters from Japanese manga Sailor Moon while a choir group called G-Major sang as they walked with the crowds.

While Taiwan is one of the most progressive Asian societies when it comes to homosexuality, a bill to make same-sex marriage legal has been stalled in parliament since it was first proposed in 2013.