Monday, February 1, 2016

Barbie, put an end to the traditional aesthetic

January 29, according to media reports, a barbie doll will show a new face, get rid of the old, blue-eyed blonde girl for a long time increase tall, petite and fit three size to choose from, and can match a variety of skin color, eye colour and hair style, hope to revive sales.

Time magazine first reported the major changes, the title is: "we can now don't talk about my body?" , according to the Associated Press manufacturer mattel company said that with the new shape of the barbie doll can be in the company's web site and advance, will ship in 2 month, 3 months began to display shelves in the United States, followed by the rest of the world.

Barbie was 56 years, has been the best-selling doll, keep not true perfect shape. Toy giant mattel announced that it will put an end to this kind of doll only 1 kind of bodily form of traditional.

Barbie will increase to 4 kinds of size, and there are 22 species of 7 kinds of color of skin, eye colour and 24 kinds of styles to choose from. For some, this change is too slow, but finally admitted that women have many, many different body shape and appearance.

Mattel, President and CEO dickson statement said: "barbie reflects the girl had seen around the world. So to become the world's top fashion doll barbie dolls, main reason is that she can change over time and growth, at the same time, always true to her spirit".

Company senior vice President and global general manager of the barbie brand, 'said: "we believe we share the responsibility for girls and their parents, must reflect a wider range of aesthetics".

Show new barbie dolls, expect help to boost the mattel company doll decline in sales, but how children react remains to be seen. This kind of doll sales volume has been down for 3 years, and small minus 16% in 2015.

Despite the different shape is that the new recruit, this is not the first time the mattel launched different formative dolls. As early as in 1980, the company will sell black barbie, in addition to the color of skin is different, and round loose hair.

Mattel has not been able to change a barbie doll's body, has long been criticized, think can make the girl have unrealistic expectations, the company has been to defend the practice, but now finally change.

Lou Ann nova "because have blond hair, three-dimensional facial features and hot body, looks like a barbie doll and red blasting network. Recently, she drying out on social networking sites and his girlfriend to Svetlana Bondarenko intimate photos. Two men dressed in black and white clothes, represent the "Yin" and "Yang", in the picture two people kiss each other, deep eyes, passionate kissing, extremely provocative.

Although Lou Ann villanova said photos just want to show a kind of sweet female tender feeling, is not porn. But then she called on social networking sites on its 431000 fans to vote for their sexual orientation. There are more than 4000 fans to vote, 65% of them guess she is straight, 2.3% of people think she is gay, 18.4% of people said she was bisexual, while 5.2% of people think she is asexual.