Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bisexual man was found guilty of a felony for gay shot

New York's a 36-year-old bisexual men of shooting, 9 level was found guilty of a hate crime of murder.

The Associated Press, in May 2013, 32, the victim, mark Carson was fatally shot in the streets of New York Manhattan Greenwich village, the suspect Eliot, evo morales, in the process of fleeing was arrested by Chinese police officer Mr Henry. Witnesses say Mr Morales issue homophobic remarks before the crime, so the case is listed as a hate crime.

Morales in court denied he commit hate crimes, also don't admit homophobic word." He said he is bisexual, and transgender women's contact, so not homophobic. For any motive, he argues that take the initiative to provoke quarrels, Carson and he accidentally shot in a drunken state. He also said that Carson also think a gun from his pocket, but this claim without any evidence.

Long-time friend of the victim after Robinson had called the police, according to his testimony, Mr Morales revolver had been raised, the victim was very frightened, leng in place, there is no provoking each other, but still be morales shooting.

Small district attorney Cyrus Vance, points out that Mr Morales is very resistance to their sexual orientation, "self loathing" led to his hatred and aggressive. Vance said: "the defendant's anger in the irrational influence, based on the victim's sexual orientation, for he and fellow taunts and insults, then attack the defenseless young man. His heinous crime."

After two days the case, according to jury discussion, judgment, evo morales, murder, wait for he will be 20 years shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment or life imprisonment. The judge will sentence sentencing on April 11.