Sunday, June 12, 2016

Florida Pulse gay club shooting in Orlando

June 12 in the morning, the United States, Florida Pulse Orlando gay bars shooting.

According to media reports, local time, the United States on June 12, Orlando shooting happened in the morning has become the deadliest shooting rampage in U.S. history. Orlando, Florida police said in a news release, Orlando, a "pulse Orlando" "the hottest gay bars" on June 12, the shooting happened in the morning has killed 50 people, 53 people were injured. At present, Orlando, Florida and have declared a state of emergency, the bar's orange avenue part has been closed.

According to Reuters, extreme organization "islamic country" (IS) has announced that responsibility. The national broadcasting company (NBC) and the Wall Street journal, citing unnamed officials reported that the suspect had to dial 911 telephone alarm before shooting, in conversation with the police, the suspect declared loyal to the "islamic", and mentioned the Boston bombing, after prayer in a foreign language. 

The police suspect identification for the 29-year-old American man Omar Mateen. The gunman is Afghan descent born in the United States. According to local media the Orlando sentinel and bisexual dating sites quoted local police reported that the gunman had died after exchanging gunfire with police. The Washington post reported earlier, according to the relatives of the shooting suspect and law enforcement personnel to provide information, preliminary suspect identity as American man, 29, Omar Mateen, from st Lucia harbor, Florida, about 330 kilometers of the city of Orlando. Quoted U.S. officials as saying that Mateen home from Afghanistan, which I believed to be born in the United States.

The FBI said are were investigating the incident as a terrorist, but not yet confirmed the motives of the attackers, what exactly is a "lone Wolf" the attackers or from domestic or international terrorist organizations to participate in a terrorist attack is still to be confirmed. But Orlando, local police said in a news release, there is no "are looking for" the second suspect. According to Britain's the independent newspaper reported that "islamic country" affiliated agency had claimed that the organization responsible for the shooting, but the authenticity of the information is still in doubt.

According to reports, head of the Florida law enforcement Danny Banks said in an interview with the media "the law enforcement departments at all levels in the United States are from all possible Angle to investigate the incident." At the same time, the federal bureau of investigation agents Ronald Hopper to the media also said "we judge the incident of the attackers may be affected by certain extreme idea, but now we still can't to conclusions."

And according to Mateen father Mir Seddique told NBC, shooting with the "religion". , he added a few months ago, his son to see two men kissing in downtown Miami had felt very angry, he believed that this may be a prelude to shooting. "We apologize for the incident," he said.

The CBS reported that Mateen no obvious criminal history. And the American broadcasting company (ABC) reported that "law enforcement know Mateen before, but he did not included in the investigators'. The Wall Street journal reported that the shooting suspect had twice in recent years as a federal bureau of investigation (FBI) terrorism related case investigation objects, according to officials, with related to his own interview not strong conclusions, two surveys tracking fizzle out.

In 2013, the FBI said, they had to Omar s. Mateen remarks made survey; After 2014 and its possible and is considered to be a suicide bomber Moner Abu - Salha conducted the survey, the relationship between the latter from Jordan's father, mother is a American convert to Islam. FBI agents Ronald Hopper, said investigators first noticed Mateen was in 2013, he was on his colleagues published "provocative speech", "declared have some connection with the terrorists".

The gay bar, there are a lot of gay and lesbian, and bisexual. 5 o 'clock in the morning, the authorities sent a special forces to rescue the hostages, police used armored vehicles opened a door, help about 30 hostages fled the scene. "The next battle, the police killed the gunman." Mina said, and is expected to "about 20 people died in the bar, but then the number increased to 50 people. It is reported that the bar, about 320 people. At present, the police are searching the area near, there are also bomb sniffer dogs at the scene.