Monday, November 7, 2016

Alicia Keys Did NOT Come Out As Bisexual

Despite a new report, Alicia Keys did not “come out” as bisexual in a new song, but now we’re told it’s incorrect. 

According to MediaTakeOut, “For YEARS there have been rumors that Alicia Keys was bisexual people.” The often discredited site continues, “She is currently in a monogamous relationship with husband Swizz Beats, but before they got married, people were speculating that Alicia was gay.” After those unsubstantiated claims, the webloid alleges, “In her new song, Where Do We Begin Now, Alicia just RE-SPARKED all the rumors,” adding, “She appears to be coming out as bisexual in the song.”

Other than that, the webloid has no proof or sources that Keys “came out” as bisexual people. Instead, it just republished the song’s lyrics, which include, “What they gon do ’cause we the same sex? And we spendin’ all this time.” The unreliable outlet further illustrates its story by posting a photo of the singer with openly lesbian rapper Young M.A. It should noted, however, that there is not one single reference to Young M.A. in the site’s entire article. It’s just an innocuous picture being twisted by MTO to support its theory.

Rather than speculating or publishing rumors, Gossip Cop looked into MediaFakeOut’s claim, and we’re told it’s untrue that she came out as bisexual in the song’s lyrics. A source close to Keys exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “It’s not autobiographical,” and explains that the singer is simply “referencing friends of hers who have shared their stories with her.”