Sunday, November 13, 2016

John Galea tackles the subject of Bisexuality in his new single "Love Is Love" released November 25th

John Galea tackles the subject of Bisexual in his new single "Love Is Love" released November 25th

Set for release on November 25th, John Galea tackles the subject of bisexuality in his new single "When You Truly Love Someone." tells us that the piano soul ballad is inspired by John's own life.  The song is a poignant narrative of his own very personal struggles he had a bisexual dating with other men.

The official music video, which stars former Emmerdale TV actress Gemma Oaten, tackles the bisexual topic. Set at a wedding, the groom leaves his bride at the altar to return to his man love.

The piano soul ballad, written by the Norfolk born singer, takes inspiration from his life and described the song as poignant narrative to his personal struggle with the world of bisexual dating with other man and woman "I believe love transcends gender, and finding love can be a painful process so I wanted to write a song reflecting those feelings."

No matter you are bisexual or other, it is a great song for you. Those that will never see the video may not know is inspiration and interpret it as heterosexual love, or same-sex love, bisexual love. Without the visual, there's no bisexual about it, but then again there's no gender about it.

Good job John. It's a beautiful song about love being love and you can't stop nor ignore the power of love.  Support all the bisexual people, and all the LGBT community.